Don't try this at home. Come to think of it your home probably isn't the woods, or a quarry...

You may well remember a while back when Chris Akrigg was showing us all how it's done on a cheap and cheerful Mongoose fixer. Well he's still got the bike but having swapped the fixed for a freewheel and neglecting to re-install the brakes, he thought he'd take it our for a rant around the rocks and the woods. And the vid below is the result.

Okay it's not exactly road riding, and we wouldn't advocate any mortals attempting to ride a brakeless singlespeed in the woods without protective gear; even Akrigg takes a beating doing that. But it's interesting to see what a normal bike is capable of in the hands of a very talented rider. This is the stock Maurice that you can have over at Evans right now for £260. It's not always about having the best equipment. Skill and cojones will take you a long way...

Unfixed from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

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Bev [52 posts] 6 years ago

O M G - do not let my lunatic son see that!! He broke his collar bone messing about on his BMX before school and that had brakes and everything!!!