Major European cities increasingly turning to bikes to solve congestion problems

The benefits of encouraging commuters out of their cars and onto their bikes has never been lost on the Dutch, but even they need to give motorists a bit of a prod.

And just as in other cities around the world, including London and Copenhagen, that can mean investing in a cycling infrastructure that offers clear benefits to those who would otherwise be difficult to prise out of their tin boxes.

Consequently, the Dutch transport ministry is to part fund 16 major regional cycle routes to stimulate people to go to work by bike, reports Dutch News.

With a combined budget of €80m, the routes will each be around 15 km long and include cycle paths linking Amsterdam and Haarlem, Rotterdam and The Hague as well as others around Utrecht.

The government will provide €21m of the funding with the remainder coming from provincial and local councils.


Aapje [242 posts] 7 years ago

Nice, hopefully this will improve the ability to commute over longer distances & opens up more routes for training rides.

mrchrispy [499 posts] 7 years ago

they could save millions if they didn't bother will all this building of dedicated lanes. a couple of tins of green (blue for the city) paint would surely be more then enough  39