Not a fan of neon? This cycling mac might be more your thing...

We went down to John's Bikes Christmas Cracker in lovely local Bath last night and bumped into Antonia Maybury who's just set up a new clothing company, Water off a Duck's Back. Antonia found herself disappointed at the range of cycling gear available for women after getting back into cycling, and decided to do something about it: this cycle macintosh is the first product she's bringing to market.

"I didn't want to roll out of the pub and have to put on my hi-viz jacket for the ride home", Antonia told us, "So this coat is designed to look good off the bike but also be functional on it." Essentially a non-bike-specific black coat off the bike, there's reflective panels hidden on the back of the belt, behind the cuffs and under the collar. Before you get on the bike it's a simple case of revealing all the reflective and setting off for home; turning down the cuffs also makes the sleeves a bit longer for better wrist coverage on the bike.

It looks a nicely thought out garment and Antonia is currently looking for stockists in the bike trade across the UK, as well as – she's hoping – more mainstream outlets too. If you're in the Bath area you'll be able to get them from John's Bikes as soon as the first production run is ready.


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oooooh, wud luv 2 c a guys verison... wth a hood =P