Friday caption competition: Team Sky! We have a winner!

Cheer up lads, might never happen. Or rather it might. Whichever.

by Dave Atkinson   November 22, 2010  

Dave Brailsford and Sean Yates (pic credit: Team Sky)

Choosing a winner from all the entries you fired in for this one was tough. I thought there'd be a few references to Shameless, Channel 4's cult TV series set not a million miles from the Manchester velodrome… for which this looks like a publicity still for a couple of new lead characters in the new series… I think it's that team shellsuit-type top that Sean Yates looks so at home in.  An honourable mention to Fringe then for being on the same wavelength with his "i'll be Liam and you can be Noel". 

But the winner has to be misforturob - who appropriately enough seems to be in Manchester for this borrowing from the film Goodfellas

"I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?"

Well, it made me laugh… humour's a very personal thing. Anyway we'll be having a ratch down the back of the sofa and a some suitable schwag will be heading north asap. 

In the meantime why not read Simon MacMichael's interview with Team Sky's head honchos Dave Brailsford and Sean Yates which is the reason we were sent these pictures of the two of them looking moody in the first place.

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Sky say forget spending all your money on a virtual reality turbo trainer! Just head up to your local hill shove the bike on the top of a tesco trolley and spin away.

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posted by CycleGringo [94 posts]
19th November 2010 - 22:57


"I'll give you 'aggregation of marginal gains'"

"That's what she said..."

posted by automatic_jon [68 posts]
19th November 2010 - 23:32

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marginal gains approach towards genetic engineering and mutation payoff as team sky unveil their new 15ft ultra directeurs sportif...

posted by henryrobertshaw1 [38 posts]
20th November 2010 - 1:34

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"maybe we can get some of that new "Tainted Meat" saddle sore cream from DZ Nuts for the chaps."


"It was a joke you twit..."

posted by Pub_Cap_Scott [1 posts]
20th November 2010 - 1:35

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"We're pleased to unveil our latest project, the Great Bike of Berkshire. It will catch motorists eyes and remind them to look out for cyclists, as well as acting as a monument for British cycling's past and future glories"
"Dave, that's just Brads bike in the distance"

posted by MattFr [109 posts]
20th November 2010 - 8:43


"Come n have a go if you think you're hard enough".

Me, Myself and I

posted by phax71 [325 posts]
20th November 2010 - 8:46


That's why the year didn't go as planned, your looking in one direction and I'm looking in the other!!

posted by croutledge [38 posts]
20th November 2010 - 9:03


PCSO Brailsford with a reformed bike thief at the Cycle Task Force awareness day.

posted by bringmemyfix [21 posts]
20th November 2010 - 11:09


So, Blue Sky thinking in 2010 didn't really work. Anyone know a company called Joined Up?

posted by timbur [13 posts]
20th November 2010 - 13:39


- We, de Management, don't approve of doping.
- Yeah, we don't like any Chinese restaurant.

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posted by neildmoss [254 posts]
20th November 2010 - 16:16


'Looks like our sky rocket was a dud Sean'.


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posted by antonio [1108 posts]
20th November 2010 - 17:07


Seconds later the lads were left to rue another ill advised publicity stunt, finding the dogma up on bricks.

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posted by Rigobear [86 posts]
20th November 2010 - 23:22


The happy couple announce that Hampstead Heath will be the location for what is sure to be the biggest wedding of 2011.

Sean: Wasn't Brad supposed to be here for this?
Dave: He's being fitted for his new custom cravat, just stick a bike on the horizon in his place, nobody will notice.

Photographer: No, you can't both have your hands in your pockets. One of you must fold your arms. And someone get a bigger box for the short bald bloke to stand on.

Matalan's new exclusively black and white tank-top and tracksuit range being modelled by Inspector Frost and MacGyver.

No time for the old in-out, love. I've just come to read the meter.

posted by handlebarcam [545 posts]
20th November 2010 - 23:44


Sean: 'I hear are going to use the photo for a humorous caption competition'.

Dave: 'Well, if they can find any humour in Sky's performance this year they're welcome to try.'

Done Nightrider 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Parkinson's UK. Next year Ride London

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posted by jova54 [663 posts]
21st November 2010 - 10:21


Brailsford thinking: I know f**k all about road racing, but I think I got away with it.

Yates thinking: He knows f**k all about road racing. Blue striped toothpaste, my arse.

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posted by ColT [266 posts]
21st November 2010 - 13:55


I'm Sean's dad, can he have his ball back?

Argon Welder

posted by Argon Welder [15 posts]
21st November 2010 - 17:53


"So, next year we have a new strategy for the tour - for every minute Bradley loses, we break one of his fingers.."

posted by Chossum [21 posts]
21st November 2010 - 18:36


Ladies and Gents, Team Sky's new management team; Albert Steptoe and Son.

posted by Damian_Hunt [3 posts]
21st November 2010 - 19:40

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Brailsford and Yates are oblivious as Beldar Conehead sneaks up and steals the bike.

posted by mrsminx411 [86 posts]
21st November 2010 - 20:06


As seen on Gumtree:

"Road bike, nearly new, selling as just couldn't get the hang of it. Was never as fast as the man in the shop said it would be"

"Yeah - it's not nicked, either"

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posted by PJ McNally [602 posts]
21st November 2010 - 20:23


Crickey Dave, were you on the cabbage vindaloo again last night.

posted by WIHBTBB [17 posts]
21st November 2010 - 21:57


Whatever you are saying, you are wrong and I am right

posted by Hansemann [101 posts]
21st November 2010 - 22:26


Brailsford: "We're a big team and we have big aspirations."
Yates: "Yeah, big team, big plans, little bikes!"


posted by shay cycles [305 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 8:35


"we have ways of making you train....." Worried

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posted by Tubby Trotter [40 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 9:04


Hey Sean - know anything about track cycling?

posted by paulbetts1968 [51 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 9:50

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"Team managers?, nah - we're the new bouncers for the new outdoor Rollapaluza"

... ... need more speed!

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posted by JC [160 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 10:24


Damian_Hunt wrote:
Ladies and Gents, Team Sky's new management team; Albert Steptoe and Son.

That was the caption for last year's Sky press photography.

posted by handlebarcam [545 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 10:28


Lets face it, as a caption competition photo, there ain't much to go on really. Plain Face

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posted by ColT [266 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 16:04


Dave " Why the miserable face Sean"
Sean " Typical, get an invite to Kate's and Will's wedding and then checked the calender, only frigging clashes with the Grand Depart"

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posted by onlyonediane [167 posts]
22nd November 2010 - 18:52


Congrats to misforturob. There were some truly funny captions suggested here. This year Team Sky kind of set themselves up for this sort of treatment though. Is it my imagination or have they really been a bit quieter and more contrite of late? I hope so. I truly want them to succeed in putting a British rider on the top step of the podium in Paris, as well as giving us something substantial to cheer about during the rest of the year. Good luck for 2011 guys.

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posted by simonmb [360 posts]
23rd November 2010 - 8:32