FSA recall BB30 Gossamer crank arms
If you've got a set, yours might need swapping

Component manufacturers Full Speed Ahead (FSA) have issued a voluntary recall on some of their Gossamer BB30 crank arms after reports that they can fail if the crankbolt is overtightened.

On affected models, the bolt shoulder on the non-drive crank can crack and break if the crank bolt is tightened beyond the recommended torque. The bolt shoulder is the bit that sits just underneath the threaded section. If it cracks, the crank arm can loosen and that could result in a loss of control.

This applies only to Gossamer BB30 chainsets (they have a BB30 symbol marked on the driveside, which you can just about see in our picture, although it's the non-drive crank that's affected) that have come fitted to bikes rather than been bought separately, and just to certain serial numbers.

The ones subject to recall have numbers beginning with 10B, 10C, and 10D – you’ll find the number on the reverse of the crank arm by the pedal thread. If you have a set of these, don’t use them until you have a replacement non-drive crank arm fitted according to FSA's new instructions.

Bike models in Europe that feature these cranks include some Bianchis and Cannondales, including the Cannondale SuperSix 105 that we currently have in on test at road.cc. Doh!

Replacement crank arms will be available after 1 December from FSA Europe. They are based in Italy and can be contacted on (+39) 039 688 5265.

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