Lovely leather footwear from Italy via Putney

If you're looking for something a bit different in your road footwear, then it's worth checking out Dromarti's range of handmade Italian leather shoes. There's three models: the Storica, a classic clip-and-strap shoe; the Sportivo with SPD drillings and a bit of tread; and the one we've got our hands on, the Race, which is a rigid Carbon sole with a 3-point fixing married to a ventilated leather upper.  It's a very, very lovely looking thing and well made to boot. £139 (plus £5.75 P&P) isn't cheap, of course, but you can spend a lot more on road shoes. All shoes are available in sizes 37 to 47. Watch this space for a review in the coming weeks. First impressions from our tester are... gushing.

See the range at www.dromarti.com

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