Tell us what the scrawl says and you could make off with some signed schwag!

You came, you saw, you tried to make out the pro riders' indecipherable scrawl, and for the most part you failed. Someone's got to win though. So, who was it signed by then? Well, it was signed by David Millar, Cameron Meyer, Christian Meier and Robbie Hunter. That's a foursome that not a single one of you put finger to keyboard to type in.

Two eagle-eyed readers managed to get three out of four though, bazzargh and ourtel, and we forewent the normal random number generator in favour of a simple coin toss. Tails it was, and tails was ourtel. So well done you! You get the jersey.

Commiserations to everyone else who entered, especially bazzargh - we'll bung you some random schwag as a consolation, only seems fair.

More schwag reet soon, stay tuned!


Remember when we went down to Southampton to have a go on the new Garmin Edge 800 and knock about on the Garmin-transitions bus? Well we also did a bit of hobnobbing and blagging while we were there, and the result is this Garmin-Transitions team top that's signed by four of of the riders. And you can have it! Well, one of you, anyway.

Made out of finest polyester by the chaps at Pearl Izumi, the GT top is one of our pro peloton faves, and not just because they're argyle-heads just like us. Actually, that is the reason. Anyway, the top is a size Large should you actually want to wear it. And it's signed by... well, that's where you come in.

Here's a big heading to draw your attention to the entry instructions, which are explained below but seem to be getting ignored.

To be in with a chance of winning the jersey, just tell us which four riders you think signed the jersey. You can click on the image to get a better look at it; The Garmin Transitions roster is here, and this pic on our Flickr photostream might give you some clues too. We'll tally up your answers with the correct ones and draw a winner from the peeps that got the most right. Good luck!

We'll be doing the draw at tiffin time next Thursday (11 November), usual schwag grab rules apply, only one comment per reader please!

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