Rapha and Paul Smith launch new jacket

British labels collaborate on wet weather bikewear

by Mat Brett   November 3, 2010  

Rapha & Paul Smith Rain Jacket.jpg

The Rapha + Paul Smith collection kicked off earlier in the autumn with a merino jersey and several accessories, and the final piece in the line-up, the Rain Jacket, is now on sale.

The jacket is made from a waterproof fabric that, we’re told, has a breathable membrane and the seams are fully taped to stop the rain getting through. We’ve not ridden in one but we’ve had our paws all over the goods and can tell you that it’s pretty lightweight.

You get high-visibility cuff adjusters with neoprene inner cuffs, a durable-looking waterproof storm tail that zips away, and an off-set front zip with a chinguard up top to avoid any scratching. It comes with two zipped front pockets, an inner chest pocket, plus a light-hanger loop around the back. There’s even a little pink pouch for storing it away.

Paul Smith himself famously hoped to be a road racer before an accident put an end to his ambition, and the guys at Rapha tell us he had direct input into the collaboration between the two labels.

The Rain Jacket, which is available in black and purple, isn’t cheap, though. It’ll cost you £270 from www.rapha.cc.

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can i be the first, 270 notes!, purple, paul smith, rapha, how dare they, blah, blah, blah.


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posted by Fringe [1093 posts]
3rd November 2010 - 22:15


Glad you were able to get that off your chest

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
3rd November 2010 - 22:19

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Fringe, that was a rubbish effort. Could you put a bit more passion into it next time?

Surely it's evil/crazy/sad/an outrage/something-or-other-else*?

You didn't even keep us up to date on whether you'll be buying one or not. We're sitting on the edge of our seats here.

* Delete as appropriate

posted by Mat Brett [2133 posts]
4th November 2010 - 2:15

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I don't think you really need a rain jacket. I got a Stowaway (for a mere £160) and it's perfect as a wind/waterproof shell so I would have thought it's just a case of layering properly underneath that. I've not been through the depths of winter with it yet - nor a sustained deluge - but I reckon it's good for 99% of conditions, which is good enough for me.

I realise, of course, that 'need' doesn't necessarily come into it...

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posted by Martin Thomas [621 posts]
4th November 2010 - 9:25


Yuck. It's poofy looking and vile. Sick

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posted by michophull [123 posts]
5th November 2010 - 16:33


michophull wrote:
Yuck. It's poofy looking and vile. Sick

How could you possibly question the great god Rapha Big Grin

posted by BikerBob [116 posts]
5th November 2010 - 19:03

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