If all urban bikes were like this everyone would get out of your way

Kraftstoff, our favourite Austrians come good again with another Eurobike fave (we probably should have played this one before the first one but hey ho) anyway, the Edlebock was one of our stars of the show even though most of us only spotted it on the last day - the exception being the eagle-eyed Shaun Audane who was straight in their with his Surly Pugsley comparisons on day one

Although the Edelbock might look superficially Pugsleyesque - this is no go anywhere mountain bike, which is what Surly's go anwhehere behemoth is designed for… yes, the Edelbock will venture to places most moutain bikes dare not tread, but in the Edelbock's case that's the urban environment apparently. And actually when you look at it more closely it is quite a short upright bike so the riding position is going to be much more suited to round town, than round mountain riding. Those tyres should make for a pretty comfortable ride too.


We haven't been able to find any info in English but luckily the from Krafstoff spoke to a German website about the Edelbock – we zipped his words through Google translate (so the following comes with a teensy health warning) and can tell you that the 40mm tyres "weigh only 640 grams" and that "whole Noble Bock much easier than it looks: 15.5Kg"

Luckily we've also got a more reliable translation courtesy of Mark Stevens: 
"This is a bike with 4.0” tires that was designed for urban cycling. Company head Oliver Mösslang found these tyres in Alaska where they are used as snow tires – because tires that size don’t sink into the snow. Despite their use in Alaska as snow tires, they only weigh 640g. And the entire bike (dubbed Edelbock) weighs much less than it looks like: 15.5kg. Regarding the bikes appearance (the 2011 version): It has an unusually straight design and a one-sided (plain) logo. A modular assembly system and powder coating construction are possible – but production versions of these are notably reduced."

As far as we can gather the bike is the prototype for a production model which may be slightly toned down… booh! (well, that's how we're translating Google translate). Either way it's a beautifully put together piece of kit, that fork crown is superb and - we're sure the trees that went in to those fenders don't mind a bit. The Brooks B190 tops it all off beautifully. The transmission is a hub gear, we'd like to think it's a Rohloff but we don't think it is - looks more like a Sram, although the cable guides on the chainstay suggest there is the option of running with a derailleur set up too. Why not check out the rest of the pics of the Edelbock in our Eurobike Weird and Wonderful gallery for which it fulfills the rules of admission on every count - It's worth checking out for some of the other really different bikes we spotted at Eurobike too.

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