Raceguard '09 possible first batch issues

Possible clamping problems with 27.2mm seatposts

by Tony Farrelly   March 1, 2009  


Mr Crud contacted us at the weekend posting a thread on the forum to report a potential problem for some users of the first batch of '09 Raceguards.

According to Mr C “.the first batch had some tolerance problems resulting in a less-than-perfect clamping to the seatpost”. Most likely to be affecteted are any of you fitting them to 27.2mm seatposts, but Mr C wants to hear from anyone who's having clamping problems on one of those first batch of Raceguards if you are you having clamping-related problems you can contact him via his website www.crudproducts.com.

We have got one of the new Raceguards in for test – so far no problems to report.