Company wants 5 million euros to repair damage to its image

In what will appear to many an extraordinary reaction to Italian anti-doping chief Ettore Torri’s recent comments about the prevalence of doping in cycling, the boss of the Liquigas company has said it will sue the official.

“Liquigas had a right to defend itself,” said Paolo Zani, the company’s chief executive. “Torri’s statements have done enormous damage to us. Our lawyers have looked into the matter and in the next few days we will start proceedings against Torri, seeking 5 million Euros as reparation for the damage to our image.”

Although Torri did not single out any athletes, Zani appears to have decided that his comments, by implication, amounted to finger-pointing at the Liquigas pro team.

Liquigas rider Franco Pellizotti is currently the subject of an investigation by Italian anti-doping authorities into suspicious blood values which were highlighted by the biological passport system. The Liquigas team has stood by Pellizotti, saying it accepts his explanation of the unusual readings.

Liquigas claims its riders’ green-blue jerseys “have come to symbolise commitment, efficiency, transparency and passion.”


simonmb [575 posts] 7 years ago

I think Ettore Torri would have served himself and the sport better by claiming that all cyclists are 'complicit' in doping. I cannot believe that they are ALL doping, but I refuse to believe that there isn't a pro-cyclist who is not fully aware of who is doping, and fully aware of those who aid and abet. They are not all doping but are complicit - which in my book is just as damning.

John_the_Monkey [438 posts] 7 years ago

Torri didn't say all cyclists are doping, he said the riders he interviewed told him that all cyclists were doping[1].

After their ignoring the agreement to double suspended riders' penalties (in order to sign Basso) this pointless gesturing is another reason to dislike Liquigas.

[1] http://theinnerring.blogspot.com/2010/10/ettore-torri-is-being-used-as-s...

Simon E [3207 posts] 7 years ago

The fact that they want to attack Torri rather than discuss the subject openly demonstrates that the omertà is still working.

Good choice of illustration above - Franco Pellizotti, Liquigas team member and a doper. His disciplinary hearing will be on Thursday. I'd recommend a 2 year ban minimum and a No. 1 buzz-cut all over for starters.

Not everyone agrees with Torri. CN item on bio passport and the 'Ethics in Cycling' conference last weekend: