We had the choice of thousands of top tbikes and we picked a turbo trainer… so it must be good

Okay, going to the world's biggest bike show full of the most beautiful bikes in the world and picking out a turbo trainer may strike some of you as a little odd… but hey it takes all sorts to make this crazy world so let's roll with it shall we? And anyway the turbo in question, the Bushido from Tacx, is a very smart piece of kit indeed. Ultimate turbo-nirvana has not yet been reached, the Bushido won't make you a post session cup of tea and offer you a restorative slice of madeira… but it's not far off.

This is a properly wireless programmable resistance trainer that's designed to be taken anywhere and which uses your energy to power all the bells and whistles gizmos. At its heart is a computer that allows you to tailor your training sessions exactly to your needs, you get all the usual info you'd expect on a touchscreen display, add in a PC upgrade and it'll connect wirelessly to your PC and give you the virtual and networking functionality of Tacx's range of virtual reality trainers like the iMagic.

The Bushido also has a powerful brake integrated in to the shell and a neat array of LED lights tell you when you are putting out too much or too little power by either lighting up either red or green as Dave'll tell you in this video about one of his Eurobike faves.

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