Friday Caption Competition

You're hired to put the words in Lord Sugar's mouth...

by Simon_MacMichael   October 8, 2010  

Lord Sugar at the Cycle Show (copyright Simon MacMichael).jpg

Ah, Assos. Like Stella Artois, reassuringly expensive. Even multi-millionaires have pause to reflect if this picture of Lord Sugar at the Cycle Show at Earls Court yesterday is anything to go by.

But what was the Amstrad supremo and star of TV's The Apprentice really thinking? Over to you, users, to supply the caption... we can't stretch to providing Assos kit as a prize, but there's a t-shirt up for grabs for the best entry come Tiffin time on Monday.

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"Hmmm... just the one CCTV camera up there... nicking those bikes tonight will be a piece of cake"

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posted by awkward [62 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:13

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How the hell did he get up there on fixed.


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posted by antonio [1097 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:18


Sugar says that Assos is sweet!!

posted by paulbetts1968 [51 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:36

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having Karen Brady on your shoulder does NOT impress me

posted by CrispyDuck [36 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:40

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Those size 's' shorts should fit me just fine

posted by hagenorden [44 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:43

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'I wanna ride my bike until I get home...'
But which bike? And which home?

posted by Myriadgreen [96 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:44

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£400 for a shirt? - get overyourself! - I can knock them out, from the same factory, for £200 - your not seeing the big picture - AMSCloth / AMSbike. I'll have it. You're retired!!!


so your saying that if I buy the white shorts people will be able to see what a big assos I am?

posted by Bev [52 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:51


Alan thinking "mmm would I look good in the yellow or red bibs?"

The Bald chap "Eh, Sir Alan would you please say, your fired!, pretty please"

Over the Hills and far away!!

posted by highwaymunky [38 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:52

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Ohhhh that Shutt VR stuff over there is nice.

posted by richred_uk [71 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:54


After Lord Sugar looks at the Assos girl

"I'd ride the assos that!"

posted by benyeti [3 posts]
8th October 2010 - 14:59

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I am in it to win it Cool

"So that jersey costs more than one of my green screen pcs did eh? "

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1344 posts]
8th October 2010 - 15:01


is this the real life is this just fantasy ,caught in a landslide no escape from reality ,im just a poor boy etc etc etc

posted by rayjay [40 posts]
8th October 2010 - 15:23


Assos? I liked it so much I bought the company!

posted by richiecoops [40 posts]
8th October 2010 - 16:00

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posted by ColT [262 posts]
8th October 2010 - 16:13

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So if I buy Assos I can look like Spartacus?"
"well, erm..."

posted by MattFr [108 posts]
8th October 2010 - 16:17

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You said you'd try it if pigs flew.

posted by 0liver [88 posts]
8th October 2010 - 16:25

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Mmmm, I wonder what freebies I can cadge from the Assos stand. Wink

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posted by Ms Morthern Rebel [43 posts]
8th October 2010 - 17:00


" All this assos stuff is rather tarty.. maybe i shal give up my drainpipe jeans, checked shirt and full sleeve tattoos..!!"

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posted by wilhay [71 posts]
8th October 2010 - 17:19


Do you know where i can get some performance enhancing steak?

posted by fiftyacorn [91 posts]
8th October 2010 - 17:45

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I'm worth £830 million and yet I can only afford to buy 2 ASSOs shirt and a pair of leg warmers!????

Fantasy Tour de France Winner 2010
Tour Down Under Purist Winner 2012
Tour of Qatar Purist Winner 2012

posted by alexlnumber1 [52 posts]
8th October 2010 - 18:49


Oh yes Sir Alan at these prices even a munter like you will look bo! Devil

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posted by bikeandy61 [475 posts]
8th October 2010 - 20:14


Even a dose of (Lord) Sugar can't take the sting out of the Assos prices!

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posted by jamesfifield [105 posts]
8th October 2010 - 20:28

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You really *shouldn't* do that sort of thing wearing lycra.

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posted by Simon E [2339 posts]
8th October 2010 - 20:42

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Ian of Woodford

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posted by winprint [130 posts]
8th October 2010 - 21:17

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I understand this is nice gear, but the tut on the Altura stand over there looks the bloody same to me...

posted by italiafirenze [68 posts]
8th October 2010 - 22:53

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"You any good with computers, only...................."

posted by armstrong7 [24 posts]
9th October 2010 - 5:48


Bloody hell, I said 'jump to it' not through it.


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posted by antonio [1097 posts]
9th October 2010 - 10:08


How much for that gay Buck Rogers cycling top?

posted by TheRotor [14 posts]
9th October 2010 - 11:51

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I'm sorry mate but Margaret still looks ridiculous even if it is an Assos skinsuit.

posted by wallywingnut [7 posts]
9th October 2010 - 14:36

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“I’ll call her a cow... no wait... a lying cow, yeah, that’s it: a stuck-up, lying cow. Now where’s that bleedin’ midget I was leanin’ on…?"

posted by Mark Appleton [554 posts]
10th October 2010 - 13:57

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