…Or not as the case may be

Sometimes you want to make a bold colour statement with your bike, but which colour to choose? Brown is very on trend, but so is teal and that whole Eighties purple and yellow look is gonna be big. Such are the dilemmas facing the fashionalble cyclist about town. Here's a bike to solve that problem a triumph* of daring colour coordinisation and painterly craft.

We don't know what it's called, we don't know what that peach stone is all about, but with this bike you can have it all and show your most fashionable face to the world, as long as it's teal or brown that is. Teal is the colour to watch - remember where you read (and saw it first) Not sure about that seatpost though.

*one man's "truimph"t being another's explosion in a paint factory and all that.

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