Classic perch born again

Everyone of a certain age will remember the Selle San Marco Concor, with its high back and scooped nose. San Marco have revisited it recently, giving us the Concor Light – a similar shape but with a modern twist. It's not the real thing though, but the new vintage Concor is, quite literally.

It's made from the original Concor mould (Giovanni from SSM was pretty anxious about it as they're not sure if it will last!) and decked out in either black suede or white leather. You get the same deep sides as the original and the finish on the black one at the show (they didn't have a white one) was very lovely indeed.

It's not until you take a peek at the rear of the perch, with its Concor branding and World Championship stripes, that you're magically trasported into a world of vertically-exiting brake cables, wool jerseys and downtube shifters. A world like this:

Expect to see the Concor on every fixed gear and period bike everywhere. Soon.


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