Merida dealers will stock range of workshop and trail tools

Birzman tools are fairly new to the workshop scene; although the company has been working in the bike industry since 199, it only started its consumer tool division in 2007. The tools are certainly stylish, with the Dragonfly chain rivet extractor and Zacoo 5 degree track pump both picking up design awards in the last couple of years. And now we'll be able to find out whether they work, too, because they're coming to the UK thanks to Merida.

"With a 15 strong team of designers housed in a state-of-the-art design facility. Birzman’s rural Taiwan based design team are ideally placed to seek inspiration from Nature to improve on stagnant tool designs, never satisfied until they have taken the best and bettered it", we're told. What comes out of said design facility is some very nice looking kit. It has a touch of the Lezyne about it, we think, and that's generally no bad thing.

“Due to massive demand for the Birzman trail and workshop tools we felt it important to take the logical step of developing a UK website to support the Birzman fans out there", said David Webster, Birzman Brand Manager for Merida UK. The website in question is – you guessed it – birzman.co.uk and showcases the entire UK range, which goes all the way from glueless patches to a 40-piece toolkit.

Birzman sponsor the Multivan-Merida biking team in the UK (Birzman and Merida are neighbours out in Taiwan) who have 2010 World MTB XC champion Jose Antonio Hermida on their books. We don't have any price information for the UK as yet, but the tools will be available through Merida's dealer network of over 400 stores, so there should be one close enough. We've put our request in to get our grubby mitts on some of the gear, so when it arrives at road.cc towers we'll get it tested. Until then, you can stay informed at birzman.co.uk

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