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Sell your bike on a dedicated site and save up to a tenner an ad this month

by Dave Atkinson   October 4, 2010  

Bikesoup ads

When it comes to selling your bike there's a few options: the classified forum of this esteemed organ is one, or you can thrash it out with the rusty Apollos and MTBs of dodgy provenance on eBay or Gumtree. Now there's a new option, Bikesoup, which has been set up specifically to sell quality secondhand bikes. And it's free all this month to readers of!

Head on over to Bikesoup and you'll see that it's a nice friendly interface that gives you a range of search options to find the right bike for you. You can search by type of bike, price or distance from the seller, among others, and once you have your results you can refine them by any of the other search criteria.

The bike listing pages are nice and clean with room for plenty of images of the bike, and there's a five star (well, five bike) rating system for frame and component condition, how close it is to original spec and how much paperwork comes with the sale. If you like the look of one of the machines on offer you can email the seller, or park it in the myBikesoup section of the site that allows you to keep track of the stuff you've seen.

If you've got a bike to sell then the most it's going to cost you to place an ad is a tenner, which is a lot less than eBay, and it's even better news in October because all ads are free for readers! just use the code ROADCC31OCT when you place your ad, and you can have a 28 day listing for the bargain price of no money at all. If you have a bike to sell, what do you have to lose? head over to Bikesoup now and get signed up!

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54 bikes for sale? Ebay shouldn't be too worried yet. Good luck to them though.

The Man In Black.

posted by gandberg [215 posts]
5th October 2010 - 8:49

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suddenly there's a proliferation of internet bike auction sites, well two..( being the other one..last time i looked the 'viking' bikes wharehouse seemed to be having a clear out

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
5th October 2010 - 13:50

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bikesoup is classifieds rather than auctions, but yes, there's a few popping up.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7856 posts]
5th October 2010 - 13:52

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All voucher codes are valid for 28 days from date of advert submission. If you use a FREE VOUCHER CODE to list a bike for sale on Bikesoup today (21st October 2010) the advert will be live until the 18th November 2010. Cheers, AA

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posted by Bikesoup [22 posts]
21st October 2010 - 15:30