Xpedo release new lightweight pedals
Carbon prettiness in a larger platform for 2011

Taiwan’s Xpedo have updated their Thrust road pedals for 2011 with a larger platform area that’s designed to improve power transfer. The new XRF07 and XRF08 pedals have 12% larger surface areas than previous models, with platforms that are 59mm wide.

That’s the same increase in size that Look claimed when they began including 57mm wide Kéo 2 pedals alongside their standard Kéo designs a year ago.

The Thrust XRF08 has an injection moulded carbon body and a choice of either a titanium or a cromoly axle. The ti version hits the scales at just 185g per pair, according to the manufacturers – which is slightly less than Look’s top-end Kéo Blade. The chromo option is slightly heavier at a claimed 225g per pair. Whereas the Look spins on two cartridge bearings, the Thrust has just one.

The XRF07, on the other hand, comes with a magnesium pedal body and runs on three cartridge bearings, but it’s only slightly heavier – 195g per pair in the titanium axle model. It’s available in white, black and red to suit sir/madam’s chosen colour scheme.

You can use Xpedo Thrust pedals with Kéo cleats, or with Xpedo’s own versions which come in both a fixed option and with 6° of float.

We’ve no word on prices but we’ll update you as soon as we hear. We can’t comment on performance because we’ve not used any of the 2011 pedals yet… but they do look pretty. Some are due to arrive at road.cc HQ soon so watch this space for a review.

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