Smelly cyclists barred from pub

Landlord says riders’ BO was putting off other customers, Lamb Inn, Lamb Inn - Nomansland

by Martin Thomas   September 30, 2010  


News just in that could have come straight from the merino marketing board: a group of cyclists have been kicked out of a pub because the landlord said their body odour was putting off other customers.

Cyclists en-mass can sometimes produce their own heady tang but it can be an acquired taste to say the least. According to the Southern Daily Echo Zara Mason, owner of the Lamb Inn in Nomansland on the edge of the New Forest, said the 13 riders smelled ‘disgusting’.

The cyclists, who had ridden just six miles to the pub from Cadnam last Saturday (25 September), say they feel insulted and angry. They also claim the pub was virtually empty anyway.

Zara Mason told the Echo, “I have got evidence of it; they can come and speak to customers. It was disgusting. We would never offend anybody, but we’re open from 11am to 11pm on Saturday, we have got regulars and other general public to think about.

“Especially in times of need we don’t ask people to leave. It was 11am, we weren’t that busy, it just shows you how bad they did smell.”

Mrs Mason said that they were fully booked for lunch and had already received complaints from customers and the bar staff but had only politely asked the cyclists to sit outside. She added that cyclists were always welcome and the pub even filled up water bottles for free.

The cyclists all belong to the Lordshill Road Runners Club in Southampton. They had been cycling for just half an hour when they stopped for refreshments, but said they had barely taken a sip of their coffees and beers when the restaurant manager told them to leave.

One of the cyclists, medical secretary Janet Burnage, 54, of Romsey, said the group were angry and would never use the pub again. She said, “We’d never been so insulted in our lives. I think in this day and age, especially when pubs are closing down all over the place and they’re trying to keep business, they’re going the wrong way about it. We won’t be recommending people to go there.

“The restaurant manager came over to us and said ‘I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but there is a bit of a body odour and would you mind leaving’.”

Fellow cyclist John McGarry, 59, a retired accountant from Colden Common, added, “My only reaction was stunned amazement – I have run enough marathons over the years to recognise when I am sweaty and smelly, but even then no one has ever complained.”

Perhaps the cyclists could do with the Bike Hub iPhone app to help them find cyclist-friendly refreshment stops.

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I can empathise with the landlord - some people are just totally oblivious to these things. Probably right with the assumption of stinky old synthetic jerseys well overdue a 60 wash!

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posted by G-bitch [320 posts]
30th September 2010 - 11:11


My sort of ride - stopping for refreshments after half an hour!!!

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posted by cavasta [220 posts]
30th September 2010 - 11:48


...for beer as well!

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posted by Martin Thomas [624 posts]
30th September 2010 - 11:52



Ian of Woodford

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posted by winprint [132 posts]
30th September 2010 - 12:09


wish i could get my pals to stop after half an hour for a pint, luck if we stop after a couple of hours!!!!

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posted by giff77 [1186 posts]
30th September 2010 - 12:19


The Lamb! Of course! It *is* from the merino marketing board!

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posted by Martin Thomas [624 posts]
30th September 2010 - 12:22


We went once to a pub on our Christmas ride, the land lord, instead of showing us the door showed us into a back room, good for us and good for buisness, our acrykics did smell by the way.


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posted by antonio [1108 posts]
1st October 2010 - 14:01


Was this really a cycling club? I can't believe that club cyclists would stop after half an hour. Thinking

posted by nickwill [14 posts]
1st October 2010 - 17:26


Had a friend pop after his ride yesterday and he pong'd my house I sat opposite in the corner of the room and when he left it stank the place out that I had to use air freshner and wipe the coat hanger.

Not his fault but cyclists don't always wash their gear.

I buy average gear with Endura and except my jacket it all goes in the wash straight after a ride including gloves.

My Endura Gridlock commuter jacket is starting to slightly wiff so off to buy some nixwax 2morro.

I think anyone exercising will sweat but leaving your gear unwashed and stinky is just gross when you share your vapour and make others gag!

You don't want to wash your jacket weekly or it will wear - so let it air out after every ride, have a shower before a ride - help relax tight muscles anyway and don't leave sweaty gear in the laundary basket.


I like my bike but it needs a hidden 25cc motor Smile

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posted by Fish_n_Chips [380 posts]
1st October 2010 - 18:11


@nickwill - it's a runners' club - different breed Smile

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posted by Martin Thomas [624 posts]
1st October 2010 - 18:22


This is one of the sillier things I have seen.

Yeh, sometimes folks smell after a ride -- i get that too, tho no one ever kicked me out for it. But then why doesn't the pub kick out people who fart, or stick gum under the counter, or smell of cheap cigars?

My own experience...

I never got ripped on for smelling, but I did get told to leave a store because of carrying capacity. I stopped at a store, bought some beers, put it in my bag and rode home. A little while later I went back for some more. The guy took me aside and said "I know you're not drunk, but how does it look when you keep coming back in? Then the other customers think they can do it .... blah blah blah." The guy didn't seem to get it. Finally I said in plain English:

"I am carrying the bottles on my back. I made two trips because it's not as broad as a BMW."

I mean, how blind are people?

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posted by thelonerider [10 posts]
1st October 2010 - 19:08


The Lamb does not like cyclists, we tried to go here for dinner one evening last year with my boyfriends family (parents, brother and his girlfriend) whilst on holiday. After cycling less than 1km to get there, we were told to remove the bikes from an otherwise empty garden by a very agitated, officious landlord and then told the only table we were able to sit at inside was the one next to the live band just setting up.

I expect that they are loving the extra publicity that this news story is bringing their business.


posted by High Cadence [11 posts]
2nd October 2010 - 7:55


A few years ago we did the Gridiron on our tandem during a heavy rain storm and had four punctures which used up all our spare inner tubes. There was too much wind and rain to be able to repair any of the punctures so we pushed to the Lamb, purchased some drinks and then asked to use their phone to order a taxi....they refused. I would recommend not using this pub as I had to walk up the road in the heavy rain to find a phone box to get a taxi

posted by cycle [50 posts]
3rd October 2010 - 11:01