Video: Eurobike faves – Exustar pedals

Colourful AND shiny what's not to like on the Exustar stand

by Tony Farrelly   September 28, 2010  

Like children, and Magpies, bike journalists can be attracted by shiny brightly coloured objects, a fact not lost on the cunning folk at Exustar whose stand had the same mesmerising effect on the team that a particularly well stocked sweet shop would have on a six year old. Presumably this also works on the owners of bike shops too who flock to Eurobike in their thousands to look, feel, and order shiny bike related stuff.

Anyway, back to Exustar who produce a range Shimano and Look compatible pedals in a range of colours, finishes and materials, they also do some eye-catching track pedals - they certainly caught TR's eye anyway, but more of that in another vid. If under-stated is more your style they also do them in good old silver too. Oh and the UK distributor is Riva Sports International to find your nearest stockist visit their website and hit the retailer link at the top of the page.


You can also see more shiny stuff from Eurobike in our Eurobike Components gallery which we've also helpfully stuck at the top of the page too.