Three people get to look cool in this season's must-have tee.....

Tiffin today took the form of a Multipower energy flapjack with a toffee topping; there's certainly plenty of fuel in one of them, we had to go halves. Anyhow that gave us enough finger power to scroll to the splendid random number generator at www.random.org and pick ourselves some winners. And those winners are:


Congrats you three, and sorry to everyone that missed out. There's another schwag grab coming, oh, as soon as we can write it. Stay tuned!


We're always itching to give stuff away here at road.cc but when we went to the schwag cupboard today it was looking a bit bare*. Not to be deterred we went to the road.cc tee cupboard, and there's a healthy stock of those knocking about, so here's your chance to win one: we've got one of each colour to give away!

By 'one of each colour' we mean of course, 'the ones up top except pink which we haven't got any more of'. Entry is as simple as ever: comment below and you're in the hat. Let us know which colour you'd prefer too. You might not get your first choice though, it all depends on the random number thing.

Usual Schwag Grab Rules apply, and we'll be taking tiffin and dipping our fingers into the e-Hat of entries some time on Friday. Good luck y'all!

*Don't worry schwag fans, there's plenty more on the way!

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