The weekend is over and now it's time to clean up…...

It's been a long Monday here at road.cc towers but finally cake has been taken and random number-o-meter kicked in to life to draw 12 lucky winners each receiving a can of Finish Line's 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant. And the lucky winners are…

To help your bike recover from its exertions and keep everything running clean and smooth we've got 12 cans of Finish Lines 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant to give away courtesy of the kind folk at Madison.

Right I'm putting on my lottery prize draw voiceover bloke voice for this bit

Lardlover - lard obviously won't do the trick alone 
Felix - black cats are lucky
shrinkingbiggaz – not only smaller but now cleaner too (well his chain)
Vorsprung - top marks for going the distance
Wolf04 - picked twice by the random number-o-meter, that's how random it is
Marco Panettone - good to see a man who obviously brakes for cake getting his just reward
VSmith1 - a Turner, Bianchi & a Mezzp - that's a wide range of lubing needs
paslemeilleur - too much Finbar Saunders!! You made my monocle fall out
karbon kev - Finish Line 1-step is carbon compatible
dannyg - new Ellis Briggs… nice
Malin - no mention of the word 'head' will occur or I'll have paslemeilleur on my case
jforbes004 - the name is forbes… jforbes

Shaun Audane was impressed when he reviewed this recently describing it as "Versatile and surprisingly tenacious lube/cleaner for people short on time" – which sounds like just about everybody these days. We've been using it too and it's good stuff particularly if you're one of those cyclists who just wants to get out there and ride.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that there's a few more than 12 cans in our picture… those chaps at Madison must think we run some really dirty chains in these parts – they sent a lot of lube, so we'll run another dirty weekender clean and lube schwag grab… Possibly some time more romantic but equally hard on your chain.