Radio 4 takes an audio Tour of Manchester Velodrome with Sir Chris Hoy

Sound and vision too, courtesy of the Today programme's audio slideshow

by Tony Farrelly   February 22, 2009  

Chris Hoy, World Track Championships 2008 (© johnthescone)

Sounds and vision (nice slide show) of Chris Hoy taking Radio 4 business presenter Adrian Shaw and the chairman of Citigroup Sir Wyn Bishchoff around the Manchester Velodrome. Bischoff is a big fan of what British Cycling have acheived and wanted to see if there were any lessons the business world could learn… well, BC went for a more sustainable long-term strategy so stayed away from the mortgage backed securitiies and other complex financial derivatives and instead decided to corner the market in gold… Sir Chris doesn't tell him.

This was on the Today programme a few weeks back, but we missed it (thanks to biketweets for reminding us).

Today's audio slideshow of Sir Chris Hoy and his training regime