New BikeHub iPhone app for bike navigation released

Bike Hub releases journey planner for Apple hardware

by Mark Appleton   September 19, 2010  

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iPhone-using cyclists are already saying good things about a just-released cycle navigation application from Bike Hub.

As reported a few weeks back the free-of-charge app uses to plan journeys and combines clever computing algorithms and local, expert knowledge to offer quickest, quietest and ‘balanced’ route choices, the latter offering a happy medium between the former options.

The Bike Hub app works best in urban environments buts its usefulness is not limited to town and cities. Journeys of up to 50km can be calculated but its creators say that this distance will extend as the coding matures through crowd sourcing.

The app provides location data for the Barclays Cycle Hire Bikes in London and while it does not pull in live bike availability data from Transport for London, there are other apps out there which do.

The Bike Hub app also has a news section, a cycling events calendar and longer features on such topics as the Cycle to Work scheme, cycling and the law, off-road riding dos and don'ts and it even offers up some of the best-ever quotes about cycling.

The app’s route finding and news feed functions require access to online mapping which means Wifi or a mobile phone signal. However, the feature articles are hard-wired into the app and can be accessed without Wifi or a phone signal.

You can download the app via iTunes.

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Cyclestreets told me this morning the routing engine can now handle routes of up to 160kms, plenty long enough to plan tours.

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posted by Carlton Reid [118 posts]
19th September 2010 - 13:34

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Any news of an Android version?

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posted by andylul [417 posts]
20th September 2010 - 10:05


An Android version is the next project.

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posted by Carlton Reid [118 posts]
20th September 2010 - 13:20

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Yay! Don't have to ditch my phone, then

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posted by andylul [417 posts]
20th September 2010 - 16:13

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Still waiting for the all purpose App. So far we have an App that allows you to load routes but not follow them with the blue dot (MMR). We have an app which allows you to follow a route with the blue dot but you have to ride the route first. Not much good if you are planning a trip abroad (Cyclemeter) and GPX - which does allow you to create and load a route and then actually follow it. Unfortunately the interface is so complicated it's like looking at a 747 cockpit.

I agree with Bike hub. Who really needs to share there ride with Facebook or twitter for christsakes - especially if you can't even follow the route yourself.

Unfortunately Bikehub have produced some thing great for occasional cyclists and those starting out but if you want to produce some routes and then load them and follow them using the blue dot (with no extra rubbish no one needs like calories and web links) you will still be waiting...

I can't decide whether Garmin has some sort of exclusive patent on creating and following routes using GPS or whether all the app creators are missing the fundamental point of cycle route apps - to be able to plan a route where you haven't been before and follow it. I hope it's the latter and someone reading this has the solution.

Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [1114 posts]
21st September 2010 - 12:40


"Unfortunately Bikehub have produced some thing great for occasional cyclists and those starting..."

App was created for these sort of users, to kick-start more cycling.

However, the app can route for 100 miles so good for day rides, or tours (if you do a route per day). Save route as 'favourite' and it's stored. Follow the route...

Version 1.1 - released at end of the week - will have drop-pin navigation and then there's a wee wait for v 1.2 which will do true turn by turn navigation, with voice if required. This will be auto 'follow the blue dot' navigation.

Is that what you're looking for?

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posted by Carlton Reid [118 posts]
21st September 2010 - 16:56