Council to fit dimmer devices on street lamps

As reported earlier on Road.cc, councils seeking to save money and boost their green credentials are targeting street lights as part of a perceived win-win solution.

Bradford Council is one of the latest to do so, rolling out dimming devices on new street lighting in a bid to cut energy costs and slash its carbon dioxide emissions, reports the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

The technology has been piloted in four areas - Odsal, Idle, East Bowling and Thornton following trials carried out in Flockton Road, Bradford, two years ago. The newspaper reports that the move has been hailed a success, though it does not specify by whom, apart from the Council itself.

The dimming equipment can reduce a street light’s electricity consumption by up to 25% and though installation costs £100 per unit, the Council predicts savings over their lifetime.

Allun Preece, principal engineer in the Council’s Street Lighting Unit, said: “The trial dimming scheme has been a success with no complaints from residents and is considered for use on all new street lighting.

“By the end of the year there will be approximately 850 units using this system which along with measures such as LED lights in road signs, illuminated bollards and some street lights is expected to have a positive impact upon the Council’s energy reduction requirements and CO2 targets.”

The AA has criticised councils which have decided to switch off street lighting, claiming such moves make certain road users, including cyclists, more vulnerable. Bradford, however, has so far chosen not to switch any lights off.


kelvin [16 posts] 7 years ago

Well I hope that here in neighbouring Calderdale they do the same, the new street lights that they have installed around here are bonkers bright. Are the dimmers time controlled though, ie can they run at full brightness in rush-hour during the winter, and then dim later on, say after midnight?

Tony Farrelly [2919 posts] 7 years ago

yes, from a bit of reading around I think that's the idea + on a friday night to get everyone in the mood for the weekend  1