Trucks warn against drowsiness and distraction

In a joint venture between the Government's THINK! campaign and one of the country's largest road haulage firms, messages that could help improve the safety of cyclists are rolling out across the UK.

Stobart Group and Tesco have provided space on the backs of 200 trucks to carry one of two adverts. One offers a warning on the dangers of fatigue, advising drivers to turn off the road if they are feeling tired while the other reminds drivers that using a mobile phone at the wheel could cost them three points on their licence and up to £1,000 in court fines.

Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, visited Stobart Group in Widnes to see the campaign in action.

He said: "The THINK! truck backs campaign is a fantastic example of the public and private sector working together to get across important road safety messages to drivers while they are on the road.

"By working together Eddie Stobart, Tesco and THINK! have developed a campaign which combines advertising creativity with value for money for the taxpayer.
"I am very grateful to both companies for their generosity in allowing us to use this space and I hope that other similar initiatives will follow in the future."

Andrew Tinkler Stobart Group CEO said: “It is said that when driving on major UK roads, an Eddie Stobart truck is seen every 4 to 5 minutes, which clearly lends itself very well to promotion and raising public awareness. So we were only too happy to support the DfT with the idea of including the THINK! campaign posters on some of our truck-backs – especially as we so fully endorse the campaign’s messages.”