Lighter weight and bigger range of gears from new system

Hope Technologies have been busy with their CNC machine and their brains, and have come up with an entirely new cassette for their Pro 3 hub that has an integrated freehub. So instead of screwing in a freehub body and attaching a cassette, you just bolt the whole unit on.

And why would you want to do that? Well, for a start it's lighter. Hope were demonstrating a MTB cassette at the show, and the integrated unit is lighter than a freehub and SRAM XX cassette, and cheaper to boot. Secondly, the lack of a lockring holding the sprockets on means that you can go right down to a 9T cog, meaning that you can extend the range of a cassette and possibly drop a chainring from the front, saving even more weight. Thirdly there are no freehub splines to get mashed up when you're stamping on the pedals.

The unit on show at Eurobike was CNC machined from Aluminium with a 4-pawl engagement, and the smaller sprockets are steel and bolted on to the base. There's ramps and such to help shifting, and Hope are planning to release road and MTB versions of the cassette in the new year.

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