If you want to be a faster, more efficient and generally get the best out of your riding send us your Qs and cycling coach Ric Stern will do his best to give you the A

Looking for some expert advice to help boost your cycling performance? Well your’e in luck because we’ve got together with renowned cycling coach Ric Stern to bring back one of the most popular features we’ve ever run on road.cc - but you’ve guessed that already. 

It doesn’t matter what type of cyclist you are competitive, recreational, mile-muncher, commuter or, like most you do a mix of cycling and simply want to get better at it - Ric’s here to answer you questions. He’s happy to talk training regimes, give fuel and nutrition advice and advise on any fitness niggles too. You can get a flavour of what’ll be on offer here on our Cycling Fitness Q&A tag page.

About Ric…

Our new fitness guru is well qualified to help you get more out of your cycling, he’s been a professional coach since 1998 and has guided riders both amateur and professional to numerous national championships, a number of World Championship golds, and gold and silver medals at the paralympics too. Ric has also authored research work and featured in a number of cycling publications before. Ric is no stranger to road.cc either he’s a regular reader and we did a story about his video’d encounter with a bus a couple of years back. Here’s what the man himself has to say…

“I’m looking forward to answering as many questions as possible about training, coaching, nutrition, and most related things. I can’t wait to help out the readers at road.cc.”

You can find out more about Ric and the coaching services he offers by visiting his website at www.rstsport.com.

All we need now is your cycle fitness, training, health, and general performance questions so fire them in to fitness [at] road.cc or comment them in below.

Plucked from the obscurity of his London commute back in the mid-Nineties to live in Bath and edit bike mags our man made the jump to the interweb back in 2006 as launch editor of a large cycling website somewhat confusingly named after a piece of navigational equipment. He came up with the idea for road.cc mainly to avoid being told what to do… Oh dear, issues there then. Tony tries to ride his bike every day and if he doesn't he gets grumpy, he likes carbon, but owns steel, and wants titanium. When not on his bike or eating cake Tony spends his time looking for new ways to annoy the road.cc team. He's remarkably good at it.