Well actually quite a few and Fillthathole.org.uk wants to know about them

Potholes on British roads are an ongoing problem, as the snow thaws (in some areas at least) it will reveal new damage done to road surfaces by water getting into to cracks, freezing, expanding, and creating a new pothole.

Cyclists (and their bikes) are particularly vulnerable to the dangers posed by potholed roads which is why for the last few years the CTC has been running the Fill That Hole campaign asking cyclists to notify councils about potholes they spot while out riding – particularly those that could be dangerous.

As the thaw reveals a new crop of holes in our roads they are repeating that call for cyclists to report as many as they find. So if you spot a hole while out on your bike cut along to www.fillthathole.org.uk and report.

Councils are responsible for dealing with potholes on A and B roads, but they can't deal with them if they don't know they are there. Once notified though they have a statutory responsibility to fill them in, if they don't and an accident occurs – they will be liable.

Here in Bath where road.cc is based the combination of topography and lots of rain means the local council has an on-going pothole filling programme, that and possibly the fact that two cyclists were seriously injured in separate accidents caused by large (notified) potholes in the last five years. 

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