Show us where you're headed this #mycyclingweekend, if you're not going anywhere in particular show us where you end up!...

We're all about the journey here at road.cc. We firmly believe that going out for a ride should only ever really be about enjoying being at one with your machine. But, this #mycyclingweekend Cycle Surgery want to offer you a prize for showing off your destination!

As with every #mycyclingweekend ever, to take part all you've got to do is take a photo of your #mycyclingweekend ride and upload it to Instagram or Twitter.

To win this weeks prize, though, you've got to jump through a couple of hoops.

In order to win a Park Tool BB9 Bottom Bracket Tool from Cycle Surgery, you MUST remember to include both the #mycyclingweekend and #CycleSurgery hashtags.

ParkTool BB9.jpg

ParkTool BB9.jpg

The best photos will also respond to this week's theme. Show us where you're going. Show us what the journey looked like. Show us what arriving at your destination meant to you!

Had Instagram user @bortomcycling posted this photo over the weekend with all of the correct hashtags in place, the photo would have stood a very good chance of winning.

Not all #mycyclingweekend photos have to be as artsy though, we're suckers for a story here at road.cc. So even the grainiest of photos will pass our test, as long as you tell a good story!

Here's a little more #mycyclingweekend inspiration for those of you who think you need it!

Happy riding!









Hanyalah Penikmat. "Balalah Kegunung Sambung 29012017" #janganlupabahagia #mycyclingweekend #balalahkegunungsambung

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Day 46: When you've spent your night cleaning the bike and see the weather forecast for the next few days... #107for107

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