What do you get when you cross a stealth fighter with Lamborghini?

A bicycle of course. Well that's what Cannondale reckon anyway, although sadly there's a disappointing lack of afterburners or aerofoils on their new Concept Stealth bike, on show at Eurobike last week. Whatever, it is certainly different, and it does have some of the “edgy” design elements of both the Lamborghini Reventón and the Stealth fighter from which Cannondale's designers took their inspiration. Well, it's got a lot of edges, which to be fair is what Cannondale mean. The flat edges on the Stealth Fighter help it stay invisible to radar, we're guessing that any radar invisibility benefits on the Cannondale are going to be spoilt by not-so-radar-invisible rider sitting on it, but you never know…
Aside from the cutting edge (there I go again) frame the Concept Stealth also features some fairly eye-catching componentry for a flat bar commuter bike. The mono blade fork is something of a signature item for Cannondale, it features on many of their mountain bikes and on the BadBoy street bike, as do disc brakes, but the integrated stem and seat collar are pretty unique features – certainly on a bike of this type. The display bike at Eurobike was claimed to weigh a fairly feathery 8.6Kg (18.9lb) and it was a decent sized frame too. So it should probably give a Lambo a run for its money on city streets too. We look forward to riding one.

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BigDummy [314 posts] 9 years ago

That looks remarkable, like a TT bike at the front end. I am a huge fan of the heavily styled look and the enormous effort that's gone into it. But surely this is a "pure" concept bike. No-one is actually going to want the minor performance benefits in an overly-expensive (NB not necessarily overpriced) commuting bike are they?

Tony Farrelly [2919 posts] 9 years ago

yes, the front end reminded me of the BMC Time Machine and the new Argon 18 TT bike. Be interesting to know whether this one is a goer - think I'll ask. As to whether anybody would pay? S'pose that depends how high the price is, but I remember when Cannondale brought in the BadBoy Ultra a few years back, at what seemed an outrageous price at the time, they didn't seem to have any trouble shifting them. And these days commuting bikes there is much more of a market for high end commuter bikes. Fair dos though the BadBoy Ultralite was a very versatile machine