… this Wednesday and it's double the distance...

The Rollapaluza Winter League kicks off again this week at the Horse Shoe pub in Clerkenwell just to make it doubly interesting this round is a double distance event – racers will be doing their thing over a kilometre sprint rather than the usual 500m.

If a kilometre seem more of a marathon than a sprint, don't worry racing will be over the normal distance in the next round.

As you might have seen in our Comments box the extra distance isn't the only novel thing about the racing at the Horse Shoe on Wednesday - due to the increasingly competitive nature of these already competitive events the Rollapaluza team will be trialling a new digital timing system put together for them by men in white coats. Yes they say, it really is getting that close on the rollers. Don't fret it isn't going to go all clinical, as Winston from Rollapaluza explains:

“we are still having the human "input" with the start as a test of reaction times and to make it not too "clinical" so there is no bleeping and braked rollers as you might see on the track for the start, but still a human starter with a switch instead of stopwatch, the precise timing is at the end of the race and we have two large digital displays.”

He also stresses that this first outing is simply a trial and that the new timing system won't officially be launched until the team are sure it is “Rock solid”.

11.02.09 1000m event
The Horseshoe
24 Clerkenwell Close

25.02.09 500m event
The Prince Regent
69 Dulwich Road
 Herne Hill
 SE24 0NJ

Venue TBC

£5 entry competitors / spectators.
Start (casually) at 6pm, qualification 'til 9, knockout rounds 'til finish. 
Open Mic MCs: fancy yourself as a potential Rollapaluza MC, go along and give it a go.

Open Decks DJs: If you wanna spin the Rolla tunes, you can!…just contact the team at Rollapaluza in advance.

More league info at: www.rollapaluza.com/league


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