Team Sky boss sings Cav’s praises, but is he going to sign him?

According to the Daily Mail, Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford wants to sign Mark Cavendish to Team Sky.

The Mail quotes Brailsford, “Who wouldn’t want Cav? He’s one of the biggest names in the sport, if not the biggest. He has an X Factor few have. He speaks his mind and he has huge lows and highs. But he always ends up smiling, the guy is a born winner and cycling’s very happy to have him.

“…We could devote our energies to someone like Cav in the sprints and then switch priorities back to Brad when we hit the mountains, where Cav just has to finish the stages.”

Whether this means Brailsford will make a move to sign Cavendish is anyone’s guess, of course. Cavendish has a year left on his HTC-Columbia contract but that didn’t stop them signing Bradley Wiggins from Garmin.

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