RSP light schwag - we have a winner!

Who's got their hands on some shiny new lights?

by Dave Atkinson   August 4, 2010  

RSP lights schwag

A slightly early tiffin today, cause there's lots to do, but we have found enough time in our busy schedule to punch the random number generator button and pick a winner of our RSP light schwag. More that 400 of you fancied a go at the lights but there can only be one winner, and that winner is...


Congratulations marcel, if that's your real name - you get the goodies this time around! next up on Friday will be some fancy eyewear courtesy of the folks at Bloc and there'll be five – count 'em – lucky pups walking away with a prize. So stay tuned!


Face facts: these long, muggy evenings aren't going to last forever. August kicks in this weekend, and then it's September, and then... well, we don't want to depress you or anything but you'll be needing sme lights again soon. And we've got a swanky RSP set to give away to one lucky reader!

The front torch is the genuinely excellent Asteri 3, a solildly built Aluminium light with a super bright single 3W LED and a battery that lasts for absolutely ages. We reviewed it back in March and gave it high praise for the quality of the beam and the battery life. Paired up with that is an RSP Astrum rear light, which boasts two high power 0.5W LEDs to get you seen on those dark rides home.

That's over a hundred quid's worth of lighting right there, and it could be yours for nowt. All you need to do is comment below and you're in the hat. Usual schwag grab rules apply and we'll make the draw at tiffin time next Friday

For more info on RSP lights and the new range of Moon lights, head over to

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These should light my way pretty well through the Gloucestershire lanes on my daily commute. Watch out foxes, here I come !

Cycling - not just a pastime or sport - free your soul on the open road.

timbola's picture

posted by timbola [227 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 16:44

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I love the English Summer. It's my favourite day of the year.

posted by snaff [2 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 16:53

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yes please, they look nice Smile

posted by DevonAndrew [1 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 17:00

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That'd brighten up my day!

posted by simonfrenchuk [50 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 17:07


Got to get me lights to brighten up a dull day

ninjaslim's picture

posted by ninjaslim [8 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 17:09


Light it up! Nerd

Marcelus Maximus

marcelrutte's picture

posted by marcelrutte [17 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 17:11


let there be light...please


polnoon's picture

posted by polnoon [1 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 17:17


It would brighten anyone up to win these.


posted by yan25114 [36 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 17:19


I suppose winning these will make Winter somewhat more bearable.

posted by Pifko [99 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 18:00


i am in

good luck all

If you're not living on the edge you take up to much room.

posted by UrbanBushman [26 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 20:53


Right up my street!

posted by Molyneux 1000 [5 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 21:08


Be seen be safe Yawn

posted by Chris Deacon [141 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 21:31

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I could use a new tail light!

posted by black shoes [5 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 21:58


Will the rear light make my a**e look big?

posted by robike [24 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 22:17


Lights are going to come in handy in a few weeks time commuting home

haggisinlondon's picture

posted by haggisinlondon [78 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 22:32


Schwag this way please!!! Smile

Over the Hills and far away!!

posted by highwaymunky [38 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 23:03

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It would brighten up my Friday

posted by simplesi [16 posts]
3rd August 2010 - 23:14


Illuminating swag, yes please Wink

posted by BuiltForComfort [28 posts]
4th August 2010 - 7:08


I have seen the light!

Now please let me have a set Smile

Cyclists do it on their bikes!!

stevevfr's picture

posted by stevevfr [52 posts]
4th August 2010 - 8:06

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I'm in....

posted by derekkelly [4 posts]
4th August 2010 - 9:04


Ba safe be seen more lights to guide the way FOR ME PLEASE


posted by richeyre [38 posts]
4th August 2010 - 9:08


Light up my life. I need it Crying


Paddy SB's picture

posted by Paddy SB [12 posts]
4th August 2010 - 9:55

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Put my bike and me in the Hat !!

posted by Tias [10 posts]
4th August 2010 - 12:24


I'ts not just lights I'll be needing if next winter is anything like the last one.

A ski converion would come in handy, count me please Big Grin


Simon Walker's picture

posted by Simon Walker [46 posts]
4th August 2010 - 12:33


Yes please!

posted by telemarkski [19 posts]
4th August 2010 - 12:55


My son's bike has just been nicked - so need some new lights for the replacement. These will do just fine, Thanks

posted by thunderblue [1 posts]
4th August 2010 - 13:26


lob me in the hat and all Smile

Barry Fry-up's picture

posted by Barry Fry-up [191 posts]
4th August 2010 - 13:31


Count me in thanks

posted by shay [4 posts]
4th August 2010 - 14:33

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Ya gotta be in it to win it! Big Grin

posted by Ian531 [38 posts]
4th August 2010 - 19:30


I can see clearly when I have light!

posted by kozykitt [3 posts]
5th August 2010 - 12:12

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