Who's been top dog on the first two stages this week? Find out here!...

Today's the sorting out day on the Tour: it looks like Andy needs to take a wedge of time from Alberto if he wants to be wearing yellow on the Champs-Elysèes. By 5pm we'll have a good idea of whether that Maillot Jaune is heading North or South from Paris, but while we ponder that let's catch up on the week's two completed stages and hand out some tees for good team pickage.

What do we remember about monday? Only Chaingate. There was some racing too though, by all accounts, most of which was done by Thomas Voeckler who took a fantastic solo win and notched up another stage for the home team. It was a bittersweet day for team anyone but contador: on the day that el pistolero pulled on the yellow shirt their 130 points meant they were winning a slightly less famous shirt of their own.

Tuesday was bittersweet too, this time for Lance. Great to see him rolling back the years with fellow stalwart Christophe Moreau, sad that he's so far back that the big guns were happy to let him have a run at the line. And he didn't have the legs in the end, which has kind of been the story of his tour. Fedrigo took stage 16 in the end, but team TBTS didn't need him to notch up the biggest score on the stage by absolutely miles, and the highest score of any one stage thus far. They may not have had Fedrigo but they did have Barredo, Horner, Moreau, Cunego and Armstrong – all in the break – and finished the day with an astonishing 183 points. Top scoring.

So with just four stages to go there's probably only seven or eight teams who can win outright, but there's battle lines being drawn in mini leagues all the way down the rankings and it still matters. Who you back from here on in could mean bragging rights in the office/club/home, so make sure you keep on top of your game...

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