Grab yourself a tee! One day only...

Yesterday we spent the day at IceBike* looking at the 2011 ranges from Genesis and Ridgeback and some new stuff from Giro, some of which we couldn't photograph and can't really tell you about**. We also made it our business to blag as many free tees as we could, and we made it out of the door with nine.

Most of them are Genesis ones in olive and black, there's a couple of Giro ones too. Want one? Just comment below and you're in the hat. Let us know what size you want, and whether you'd like a Genesis or a Giro one. No guarantees you'll get what you want though  1

This is a one day only offer, we'll pick names at tiffin time TODAY, so y'all should get yourselves entered right now. Usual Schwag Grab rules apply

* There's no note here, that's what it's called. Icebike*.

** You might want to pay close attention to what Levi Leipheimer is wearing for Le Tour though...

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