Wednesday Schwag Grab: lots of Genesis and Giro tees!

Grab yourself a tee! One day only...

by Dave Atkinson   July 21, 2010  

Schwag Genesis and Giro tees

Yesterday we spent the day at IceBike* looking at the 2011 ranges from Genesis and Ridgeback and some new stuff from Giro, some of which we couldn't photograph and can't really tell you about**. We also made it our business to blag as many free tees as we could, and we made it out of the door with nine.

Most of them are Genesis ones in olive and black, there's a couple of Giro ones too. Want one? Just comment below and you're in the hat. Let us know what size you want, and whether you'd like a Genesis or a Giro one. No guarantees you'll get what you want though Smile

This is a one day only offer, we'll pick names at tiffin time TODAY, so y'all should get yourselves entered right now. Usual Schwag Grab rules apply

* There's no note here, that's what it's called. Icebike*.

** You might want to pay close attention to what Levi Leipheimer is wearing for Le Tour though...

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Please, one of these would go nicely with my Day One! Genesis, size Medium

posted by rpkiller [22 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:17


Ooh me please!

XL size, Giro or Genesis... Thinking

Not fussed!

posted by falls offlots [92 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:18


Ohh, yes please! I'll take the smallest size going or if it's large, I'll sleep in it. Lovely!

posted by Myriadgreen [96 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:21


Medium Giro for me please sir

posted by SmallerPlatypus [27 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:23

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Large Genesis please

posted by MoreCheeseGromit [36 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:28

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any in medium or large thanks

vorsprung's picture

posted by vorsprung [298 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:34

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anything but size small or extra large ta.

Fringe's picture

posted by Fringe [1095 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:35

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As a Genesis bike owner (don't tell my wife, I have 3 of them!) I would like a medium size Genesis (either colour).

Hmmmm, are people going to think I'm a fan of the band?

posted by cowspassage [43 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:39

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Surprise According to the book of Genesis (or was it the band ?), you should always try and blag as many free t-shirts as you can. Large in any design would be greatly appreciated. Thx and keep smilin' Big Grin

oldspikey's picture

posted by oldspikey [79 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:41

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A large would be Giro tastic thankyou!

posted by littlespikey [32 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:43

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ooh yes please, anything in medium would be great.
thank you

posted by custom-freak [8 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:45

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Medium Genesis for me please

posted by jbig [41 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:48

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yes pleeze! probably a large Cool


posted by bobinski [194 posts]
21st July 2010 - 14:55

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giro - medium please

posted by andyhilton [10 posts]
21st July 2010 - 15:04


Oh go on can I have a small

posted by MattFr [108 posts]
21st July 2010 - 15:05


Giro in M please (I don't want anyone mistaking me for a phil collins fan)

TheHatter's picture

posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
21st July 2010 - 15:27

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Yes, please. It'll go with my Mountain Mayhem one. Biggest size would be best. Giro would be nice but beggars can't be choosers!

posted by GreenMark [104 posts]
21st July 2010 - 15:31


Mmm Genesis in green, a medium please

for me - The ride is about adventure, camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment that comes after a long day in the saddle.

Mountain-Nic's picture

posted by Mountain-Nic [119 posts]
21st July 2010 - 15:51

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Thinking hmmmmm well Plain Face let me see Confused i i i Thinking YESSSSS Crying

posted by Decster [246 posts]
21st July 2010 - 16:19

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Yes please!

posted by marc [42 posts]
21st July 2010 - 16:25

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A large Genesis T and a large Genesis bike to go with it please.


antonio's picture

posted by antonio [1103 posts]
21st July 2010 - 16:30


medium here too please! Genesis green.

posted by Chrisc [146 posts]
21st July 2010 - 16:30

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Any XL's left ?? whatever's going, design wise.... Big Grin

posted by martyntr [121 posts]
21st July 2010 - 16:31

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Anything in medium please!

timlennon's picture

posted by timlennon [229 posts]
21st July 2010 - 16:56

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Anything in small would be fab Smile

posted by James Poole [56 posts]
21st July 2010 - 17:20

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Yes please! Big Grin

posted by gazedo82 [31 posts]
21st July 2010 - 17:27


Xtra Large or a large for this shirtless big guy. Nerd

posted by Gotta Ride [19 posts]
21st July 2010 - 19:34


Genesis in Large please

posted by davewellbeoved [14 posts]
21st July 2010 - 20:41

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I've never seen a Genesis bike, but the T shirts look jolly nice, and who knows, I may even be moved enough by wearing it to buy one.

Everyone needs a new bike really, don't they?

Small by the way, if poss, por favor.


PS- I do have a Giro helmet-is that any better?

posted by MrsK [40 posts]
21st July 2010 - 21:37

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Genisis S

posted by mperrone [14 posts]
23rd July 2010 - 12:42

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