Are you in love with your ride to work or is it a struggle to pull on those bib shorts at 6am? Share the best and the worst of your bike commutes with us

Cycling to and from work is the highlight of plenty of our days, and we're speculating bike commutes perk your working days up too. Here at road.cc we want you to share everything that's great about your commute with us and with the world; we've even teamed up with Cycle Surgery to give you the chance to win some goodies too!

Of course, not every commute is great. Some days you'll get a puncture - or four - other days the rain or freezing pre-dawn mist might make you long for a heated car seat, and some days you'll long for the protected bike lanes of the Netherlands because early morning or late night drivers are giving you a hard time.

We want to hear about those commutes too. In fact, we want to see and hear about every single one of your commutes whether they're good or bad. We want to see photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter giving us an idea of what your morning cycling routine involves, what obstacles you have to overcome, and what gets you out of bed in the morning.

The idea is: every week we'll single one of your commutes out and explore it in all it's glory, or pick apart the flaws and faults you've highlighted. Whether you're struggling for motivation, raging against infrastructure nightmares, or marveling at the beauty of your ride, we'll follow up with you and discuss the topics that you've raised.

To get involved just log in to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and upload a photo of your ride to work. Then, tell us about your commute and pop the #mycyclingcommute hashtag at the end - along with the #CycleSurgery hashtag if you're interested in winning a prize - and we'll retweet and discuss it to our hearts' content.

To make things even more interesting, we fully expect more of you than ever to be rolling in to work tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is Cycle to Work Day!

If you're looking to get involved, check out the Cycle to Work Day website for a chance to win prizes, take part in events, and pledge your commitment to ride. 

Whether you've pledged to ride tomorrow or not, all we really want to see here are photos of you lot riding to work.

Show us; do you pass anything spectacular on your way? Is there a junction that absolutely infuriates you? What do you eat to fuel your ride?

Send us some photos, and we'll spend the next few days sharing them - as well as a selection of our own - to the world!

Here are a few shots as inspiration.



Hahaa. Who's idea was this? *cough* @laura_scott

A photo posted by Jimmi D Nicholls (@jimmidnicholls) on



Breakfast for champion. #bikeride #rapha #raphamilano

A photo posted by Carlo Gironi (@carlogironi) on










Brought Utah weather home to Tennessee! Awesome day for 33 miler this morning!

A photo posted by Benton White (@bentonw) on



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