Back from park!

Snowball, sledging and skinny-tyres in the snow mission accomplished

by Tony Farrelly   February 5, 2009 2009 Christmas card (2)


What I learnt in the park:

1. 25mm Schawlbe Stelvios surprisingly effective going uphill once you get started, top fun on the downhill, practiced some of the tips re back braking etc etc - they work once you get used to the back end sliding out… I say they work, that's until they ice up and then they don't work at all. I was on a road with no cars mind.

2. 25mm Schwalve Stelvios are fan-bloody-tastic for off-piste downhill park action.

3. B&NES council recycling bin lids make amazingly effective sleds

4. Snow is fun*

* We possibly already knew that