Urban and sub-urban takes on the cycling vibe with some vids and occasional horse pooh

Two new staff bloggers join the road.cc roster today, test ace and all-round über mile-muncher Shaun Audane and the man they call TR (okay, he joined a couple of days ago, but we haven't gotten around to introducing him 'til now).

Both of them are partial to a bit of fixed gear action and indeed the simple life of single-speeding in general although neither has any religious aversion to gears or the like. They like the same sorts of bikes… but in very different ways as you'll quickly gather from their blogs.

Like Shaun, TR has joined the road.cc to do more than blog, he's going to be testing bikes and bits of a generally urban type and style and keeping the rest of us abreast of pop culturally signifcant cycle-related happenings in the Big Smoke… which may or may not mean who won the bicycle polo match in Hoxton High Street or wherever it is that cockney ragamuffins gather in their thousands to play (and watch) the new sporting sensation that is sweeping the nation… or bits London N1, which is more or less the same thing.

Shaun kicks off his blog talking about cycling on the M25… it happens apparently. Next up he says he'll be talking about the hilarious skidding potential of frozen horse sh*t – sounds unmissable, but hopefully he won't be posting on that one until after lunch.

Tomorrow another staff blogger will be joining the team Test Pilot 1 you may have read his report on the Merida Warp 5 earlier this week. Test Pilot 1 will be blogging about the bikes he is testing as he's testing them. TP1 as he's known in these parts is a member of the new road.cc test team… more on that soon.