Cotic Monster Rat ready for Winter

Fat tyre option turns RoadRat into snow beater and mud plugger

by Tony Farrelly   February 2, 2009  


Hardy commuters aren't going to let a little bit of snow put them off, but of course equipment choice in severe conditions is critical… particularly tyres. That's why Cotic are now offering a Monster Cross upgrade to the standard RoadRat. Essentially it's a RoadRat sporting a set of Bontrager XDX 1.75in tyres on 29inch wheels.

Drifting snow holds no fears for these those bad boys… smooth tarmac might slow them down a tad and they are probably not the best on ice, but then what is? (Suppose you could stud them with pop rivets…)

Cotic supremo, Cy Turner got the idea for the Monster upgrade at last year's Singlespeed World Champs, " I used some Jones XR 29x1.8" tyres on my RoadRat at the Singlespeed UK champs a couple of years back, but then a few weeks ago 18 Bikes (our local Cotic dealer) wanted some hoooge tyres for a custom build and Bontrager had started doing the XDX in 29x1.75". I use the 2.1" and 2.4" versions on my mountain bikes, so thought they'd be fun. We got some to try and they worked a treat.

All pics courtesy of 18 Bikes.


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Isn't this taking the Roadrat too close back to the original mountain bike concept that Cotic started off with (the Soul - wonderful bike that it is)?

posted by ourmaninthenorth [93 posts]
2nd February 2009 - 16:01


The old take a mountain bike, turn it into a road bike, then turn it back into a mountain bike again is certainly a tough concept to get your head around at this time of the day.

Well it is for me anyway…

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
2nd February 2009 - 17:37


Looks like an Inbred 29er....

Or is that too deep? Wink

DaveP's picture

posted by DaveP [467 posts]
2nd February 2009 - 21:36