More advert action from Victoria Pendleton

What do you do when you've pushed your bike up that hill and munched your way through a packet of Hovis? If you're the divine Ms Pendleton you get your lycra on and wash down that bread all with some Gatorade. 


Well that's if some Danny MacAskill type scamp doesn't steal it off you leading to some cycling hijinks as Victoria gives chase, he's got the tricks but she's got the speed and as we all know crime doesn't pay… well, not in adverts anyway. Hopefully I haven't spoiled the ending for anyone there.


Actually the impressive urban jumping about stunts are courtesy of another of the UK's top young trials riders, Ali Clarkson. The "making of" vid is quite interesting too, where you'll learn that it's just as well doing up your lid isn't part of the start for any Olympic cycling disciplines. Ah, I've rather spoiled that ending too… sorry.

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