New structure makes it easier to get the benefits you'll need...

British Cycling have today rolled out a new membership format designed to make it easier to get the benefits that suit your type of riding. Split broadly into two categories – 'Ride' for commuters, recreational cyclists and charity and sportive riders and 'Race' for, well, racers – the new structure also offers three levels of cover for racing, right down to a basic membership of £13.50

There's a handy ready reckoner on the BC site which gives you an at-a-glance rundown on what's covered under each type of membership. There's a bunch of discounts and an 'enhanced' user account on the BC website, but the standout benefits are £10m third party liability cover and free legal advice in the event of an accident, which are probably what you'd pay £24 Ride membership for.

Race bronze misses out on those perks but it's designed to be a cheap way to get a provisional racing licence, so that's understandable. Most racers will probably opt for the £36 silver option which extends third party cover to competitive cycling. Gold cover (£64) also gets you personal accident insurance and a quarterly calendar, if that's your bag.

Jonny Clay, British Cycling’s Cycle Sport and Membership Director, said: “We have launched ‘Ride’ and ‘Race’ packages because we want every cyclist to make the most of the time they spend on their bike, whatever their age and ability.

“As well as offering great discounts and legal advice, we offer our members access to a wealth of cycling expertise, useful tips, latest news and practical information from how to find a local cycling club to preparing for your first race.

“British Cycling members also directly support the nation’s most successful Olympic and Paralympic sport, as membership fees are reinvested into cycling to pay for the development of coaches, the training of volunteers and over 3,000 cycling events each year.

“We already have over 30,000 members and now you too can be part of Britain’s most exciting sport. Join the team today, however you ride your bike.”

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