The DealCatcher's got some enormous summery deals for you in the shape of £60 savings on jerseys & £80 savings on helmets...

With temperatures set to hang around the mid-twenties this week, we think it's safe to say that summer's well on its way. So, with that in mind, the road.cc DealCatcher's got some summery deals just for you guys.

Starting things off are Cycle Surgery and their fantastic 50% discount on the superbly summer Mavic Infinity Jersey. If you're not a fan of tight fitting jerseys, make sure to check out the Mavic Infinity relaxed fit, which has also had half of its price tag sliced away.

Second up are Chain Reaction Cycles and their 62% discount on MET's Stradivarius helmet. It's one we reviewed very favourably, and it comes in a great range of summery colours.

Finally, over at Cycle Store you can currently get your hands on some great Specialized bib shorts at a 50% discount. We've picked out their racing range, partly for the great colour selection, and partly for how well suited they are to warm weather, but there are others.


Cycle Surgery

50% off Mavic's Infinity Jersey
WAS £124.99 | NOW £61.99

Mavic Infinity Jersey.jpg

Mavic Infinity Jersey.jpg


White jerseys are a classy option, and they make so much sense when the sun's shining, like it's meant to do for much of this week.

Reflectivity in hot weather conditions is probably what the bunch over at Mavic were going for when they were sat around their designing table. Combating heat makes sense from a colour perspective, especially when you're putting as much effort into the tech to keep riders cool as Mavic are in their Infinity range.

It's Mavic's Wick Matrix that sets the infinity apart. The fabric is incredibly lightweight and fantastically breathable. The composite construction pulls water away from the skin to keep you cool, dry, and relatively sweat free.

It also comes in a relaxed fit, if you're not fond of the body-hugging types.


Chain Reaction Cycles

62% off MET's Stradivarius HES Road Helmet
WAS £129.99 | NOW £49.99

MET Stradavarius helmet.png

MET Stradavarius helmet.png

As the temperature moves closer to the 30's you'll be wanting to find as many ways to keep yourself cool as you possibly can. Whether that's buying an insulated water bottle to keep your drink cool, investing in a specialist warm weather jersey like the Mavic one above, or improving the airflow in that stuffy old helmet of yours, every little helps.

There's not much you can actually do to improve air flow in a helmet without compromising its structural integrity, which is a pretty vital aspect of helmetry.

Alternatively you could invest in a 62% discounted MET helmet that our tech editor David Arthur called "cool, comfortable, [and] lightweight with great airflow."

Seriously, the Stradivarius is a great warm weather helmet option that offered good value at full price. Right now it's a stone cold, or cool, bargain.

- Read more: road.cc's MET Stradivarius Helmet review


Cycle Store

50% off Specialized's Pro Racing Bib Shorts
WAS £74.99 | NOW £37.99

Specialized Pro Racing Bib shorts.jpg

Specialized Pro Racing Bib shorts.jpg

Finally, check out the short options over at Cycle Store. They've currently got 50% off their range of Specialized bib shorts which includes these fancy-looking Pro Racing Bibs.

These, though, are a great summer bib option. Not only do they come with UPF 50 UV protection, they're soft, lightweight, and comfortable, while giving you some fantastic leg support via the inclusion of muscle compression technology.

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