Vision launch new UCI-legal base bars
2011 options in alloy and carbon are on the way

Vision have just released their new and updated UCI-approved base bars and they’re scheduled to arrive in the UK in the next few weeks.

The base bars are for model year 2011 (yes, 2011), and they’re available in alloy Team and carbon fibre versions. Both are ergonomically and aerodynamically shaped and come with internal cable routing.

UCI (Union Cyclist Internationale, cycle sport’s world governing body) regulations demand that base bar profiles conform to a 3:1 depth to height ratio. In other words, the tube diameter measured front to rear can’t be more than three times the diameter measured top to bottom in a UCI-sanctioned event. Make sense? Vision, a sub-brand of FSA, have redesigned these base bars to fall into line with this rule.

Both carbon and alloy base bars are flat-wing (there’s no drop out to the hand holds) and fit 31.8mm stem clamps. They’ll take most standard clip-on aero extensions – again, anything with a 31.8mm clamp.

The carbon model comes in a 410mm width (measured centre to centre), weighs 207g according to the manufacturers, and will set you back £275.95.

The anodized black alloy version – 6066/T6 aluminium alloy, triple butted and smooth welded – comes in 400 and 420mm width options. At 237g, it’s a touch heavier than the carbon version, but it’s a whole lot cheaper too – £74.95 a go.

Vision’s UK distributor Windwave expect the first shipment to land in mid-June.

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