Just in: Condor Agio

Chic grey city bike + mountain of bubblewrap

by Tony Farrelly   January 22, 2009  

Condor Agio - just in

As a rule I think grey is a rubbish colour for a road bike so it takes special powers to make a good looking grey road bike like the Agio. Condor, it would seem, have the power… it helps of course if you give it a lustrous deep paint job and the London outfit certainly have the knack when it comes to that too.

They also get the prize for the most carefully boxed bike to arrive at road.cc so far – this one turned up in enough bubblewrap and pipe lagging to insulate your loft. Still, it looks like a bike worth taking care of. Designed as a fast Audax machine cum light tourer or commuter the Agio boasts an ITM carbon fork up front and carbon rear stays bonded to an aluminium frame. Groupset is Shimano Tiagra (workmanlike rather than flash) and the wheels are the ever dependable, if not necessarily light Shimano R500s. It is a handsome looking machine with black mudguards contrasting with the battleship gray paint job.

Condor offer the Agio in a number of builds including Shimano Ultegra, Campag Centaur, and SRAM Rival, it's also available as a frameset for £549.99.

Condor describe it as an all year round city bike whose racing roots still show. Weight is a respectable 9.92kg (21.8lb) and we look forward to throwing a leg over it very soon… well I do, our 55cm is just a bitty bit too small for Dave.