Look out Monday for these new Merino jerseys from Yorkshire

You will know by now our weakness for the Yorkshire clothing maker Shutt Velo Rapide. Something about snappy-looking modern cycling kit in the most up-to-date fabrics but made in the very heart of the traditional wool garment industry.

Call it rooting for the underdog if you like, although with the way things have been going for this little company, we'll soon be reminiscing fondly about how we knew them when they started out.

Anyway, that's all to sweeten them up before we break the embargo on their new range which officially releases Monday. Here are a couple of sneak peeks which we fancied.

Both feature a lighter summer weight fabric with Merino Sportwool woven into the inner surface for comfort but two different textures for preference; we like the old-school 'Jacquard' look but appreciate that the open-weave will feel cooler up the Col de la Madeleine this summer, even if it's psychological.

One thing for sure is that the magic Sportwool combination of merino wool and polyester does seem to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cool. Both jerseys will be £75, more details Monday.


antonio [1168 posts] 7 years ago

MMM! nice but not as classy as the De Marchi, a bit of puckering on the short zip tops near the zip. OK if you stretch it like the one on the dummy.

Miggers [67 posts] 7 years ago

The new jerseys are now live on our site...

Thanks for the comments Antonio, the model used was a bit smaller than the med/large samples we sent to the photographers.. The jerseys are much more racefit in shape...