Okay, it's May 31st and there's a London launch party on the 27th + issue 2 as a download...

Hot news for those who like to read about cycling in all its glorious variety – issue 4 of the Ride Journal is thudding off the presses as we speak and will be going on sale from Monday 31st of this month – that much ink takes a fair bit of drying y'know. If you're in the neighbourhood, the issue 4 launch party is taking place at Look Mum No Hands on Thursday 27th from 6.30pm. For more details check out the flyer below and our What's On section or just pop over to the Ride Journal website.

That's not the only good new either, as Ride Journal editor Philip Diprose explains:

“To celebrate getting to the heady heights of issue 4 and offer a little something extra to those who might not be able to make the launch, we have put issue 2 up on the website as a free PDF, as we did with issue 1 a while ago. Those who were unable to get hold of issue 2 will now be able to see all the killer content that filled its pages.
Go to www.theridejournal.com  and look for the download, "

We've downloaded ours already – who'd have thought that much wordy goodness could be packed in to a svelte 32mb?

There's more of the same in issue 4 and here are just some of the contributors:

Matt Seaton
Mark Cavendish
Joe Parkin
Brandon Semenuk
Grayson Perry
John Gibson
Jim Rees

Well that lot puts the "e" in eclectic, and, says Philip, there's whole host of other amazing folk in there, too. If you've not read the Ride Journal before you've missed a treat. We'd recommend taking a gander at the issue 2 download and then getting in there quick when issue 4 comes out cos it won't hang about.

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