London cyclists' asked to complete air pollution survey

Study aims to lead to greater understanding of risks

by Simon_MacMichael   May 1, 2010  

London bus and cyclist.jpg

A master’s student from King’s College London is seeking the views of cyclists in the capital as part of a research project that seeks to analyse the behaviour of the city’s bike riders and study their perception of safety while on their bicycles and the risk of air pollution.

It is hoped that the research will lead to an improved understanding of how to deal with public concerns about air quality and health.

Cyclists aged 18 and above who live or work in London are being sought to participate in an anonymous survey that should take no more than 15 minutes to complete, and which can be found here.

The survey has been publicised by the London Cycling Campaign, whose communications officer Mike Cavenett said: "Government must deal better with London's air poliution problem.

"It's a shame some cyclists feel they have to compensate for inadequate legislation and enforcement by wearing masks."