Remember that Critical Mass rider clobbered by a NYPD cop?

As we reported back in July 2009, the cyclist captured in the video you can see below being barged from his bike by a police officer during a Critical Mass rally in New York the previous year was suing the New York Police Department for $1.5m.

This week, the  cycling demonstator Christopher Long is back in court again having succeeded in settling for $65,000 from the city. This time he's pursuing his case against the now-resigned NYPD officer Patrick Pogan, who he claims used unreasonable force in knocking him off his bike.

According to today's New York Post, the prosecuting lawyer Ryan Connor has already told jurors in his opening statement that what Pogan did next was even worse in falsifying a sworn complaint to cover up his actions with a "distorted version of events." That included a claim that Long had "rammed" Pogan with his bike.

Pogan's lawyer, Stuart London, portrayed his client as a "bright-eyed new officer" who ran afoul of a pot-smoking "opportunist" who "orchestrated" the whole thing in hopes of cashing in."

We're watching fascinated while the case continues.



OldRidgeback [2877 posts] 7 years ago

Interesting - the cop has already been proven to be a liar. I suspect that this will send a message to other copsabout telling the truth. Of course in the UK a large cop armed with riot shield and baton can still use his baton to protect himself against a much smaller woman because he feels threatened, as proven in a recent case when video evidence was presented.

Mark Clarke [21 posts] 7 years ago

That really is quite disgusting. The cop deserves to have the full extent of the law thrown at him!